Olive Rue, born at home.

Olive Rue, born at home.

Mother’s day I spent doing yard work, mowing my lawn, tilling the garden and cleaning.  It was one of the first days in awhile that I didn’t get any contractions at all. I went to bed and at midnight I woke to a small amount of fluid coming out- I had the typical thought of did I just pee? So I stood up, and more fluid came out. One would think as I have been a midwife for 10 years and have 4 prior births of my own that I would know that my water broke; however, I still assumed it was pee. I went back to bed. At 12:30 I started feeling some very mild cramping sensations. I got up and walked around my bedroom. I decided to get the tub ready to be filled just in case this was actually labor. I was having difficulty hooking the hose to the sink so I woke my husband up to help- this was around 1am- that was when I felt my first real contraction that made me pause.

I called AnnMarie at 1:06 a.m. letting her know my water broke and had a contraction that made me moan loud while on the phone. She planned to head over right away and gave Marijke a call to come as well. From that point, each contraction got harder and harder and I was getting louder and louder when my urgent call line rang… I was still on call! I couldn’t answer it, asked my hubby to call AnnMarie and let her know someone was calling. She pulled in my driveway and took that phone call. It was a client in very active labor. Our plan was that I wanted AnnMarie and Marijke at my birth, however, if one of our clients was in labor at the same time, AnnMarie would go to them since they know her and Marijke would stay with me. I recall AnnMarie coming into my bedroom and with a concerned/sad look on her face- “I have to go, Marijke will be here any minute”. That’s fine, I said and as she walked out.

I checked my own cervix as I was kneeling on the ground and could clearly feel 2 cm and head very high up…. Serious thoughts roamed through my head immediately- I can’t do this, how do I get out of this, should I just call an ambulance. I look at my husband and say I am pretty sure I am going to die. Next contraction starts- I need something… the tub, whip my clothes off and into the tub that is still not very full. Ok, this is better. Amie walks around the corner and quietly sits down next to the tub. Next contraction, pressure…I think I have to push, why do I feel pressure already?? I feel inside again just as I get another contraction 2cm to 6cm and down to 0 station. AAAHHH. I look at Amie and tell her, ”It really helps when I yell like that.” “Yes, it does” she responds. I told my husband to get me a cold cloth.  I can hear Marijke come into the house, putting her bags down. Another contraction, AAAHHH, I am still feeling inside, 6cm to complete and head right there, burning, pressure. I tell myself in my head, this baby just has to come out now, then out loud “why is it not coming” I am a laboring mom who wants her baby out…right now! I say to Marijke, “head’s out…come take the body out… it still hurts, help me, take her out…pull her!” Marijke, “You’re ok, it will come” and her body slips out 1:58am, relief, I’m done, she’s here! Olive Rue.

Olive's Waterbirth

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  • Rachael Heidenreich
    Posted at 17:51h, 01 August Reply

    wow one strong momma !! It is always very different on the other side of things. so , glad that you had an awesome support team .

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