Feed your body right!

Feed your body right!

Here at BirthWise, we are all about making healthy choices. For us, it is essential that our grocery carts, wagons or back yards contain as many natural, local and/or organic foods as we can get our hands on and the season for fresh food is starting!

Why eat locally?
When you eat foods that were grown close by, that food is much higher in nutrients. It tastes better! It can be harvested closer to when it will be eaten, because it doesn’t have to be shipped. Many organics in the grocery store are grown by large corporations, far away from home, and shipped it to your local store wrapped in plastic! It supports the environment, by eliminating all that comes with the global shipment of food. It makes us happy, because let’s face it, plants are beautiful! Looking out on the landscape of a garden or farm is soothing for your heart and soul. You can have relationship with the farmers and witness firsthand what their growing practices are, instead of relying on the “Certified Organic” label. Lastly, when you buy locally, it’s better for our local economy. You cut out the middleman and directly supports the farmers who grow the food.

Millions of children can’t be wrong:
Growing your own food is one of the most fulfilling habits a family can create. Not only do we get tasty foods, it’s also good to play in the dirt! Time spent outside, hands in the soil, lowers blood pressure, decreases depression, and improves communication in relationships. If you have yard space and healthy soil, just clear an area, loosen the soil, and pick some of your favorite plants or seeds to put in. If you don’t have yard space, you can get a community garden space (available through UW extension) or a few containers to plant into. Greens like kale and collards are incredibly forgiving 🙂 . Water, weed and watch your garden grow. The food you eat from it will be some of the best you can get!

Most families get their food from a combination of sources. Here are some of the ways we love to shop for local, organic and/or natural food and products.
 Farm Shares through Community Supported Agriculture – your family can sign up to get produce from a local farmer on a regular basis throughout the growing season.
 Farmer’s Market – allows you to buy food directly from the farmer, with many growers in one place, so you can get a large variety of items (including meats and dairy)
 Farm stands – these vary, from local farm stands, to those coming in from out of state (selling peaches, for instance, yum!) Often from conventional farms.
 Grocery stores – many grocery stores now have a “Natural and Organic” section for both produce and packaged foods. Some grocery stores are focused on local, natural and organics – like the Red Radish in Neenah-Menasha, Free Market and Green Tomato in Appleton. Check your local resources!
 Check out the website Sustain Rural Wisconsin: http://sustainruralwisconsin.net/about-us/ for links and ideas about how you can access and support local agriculture

Happy Eating!!!!


AnnMarie Rain Wanzeck CPM, LM

  • Mandy
    Posted at 18:41h, 13 May Reply

    Great info!! I can’t wait to plant our garden…just waiting on the weather 😉

  • Morgan
    Posted at 15:52h, 14 June Reply

    Thanks Mandy! Hope the planting went well. We’d love to hear about how your harvests go later in the year. YUM!

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