Postpartum nurturing and nourishing!

Postpartum nurturing and nourishing!


My dear friend’s estimated due date is less than a week away, and she requested that I attend her birth as a source of additional support. I’m thrilled and honored, but of course, I don’t want to interrupt her bonding time with her partner and new baby. I also want to be sure she’s aware that I will be there to support her through anything… what to do?

What a relief it was when AnnMarie weighed in with a few suggestions! In addition to letting family and friends know about a designated quiet-time that you have each day, here is another way that new parents can keep bonding time with baby sacred while making sure beloved friends and family members feel welcome and useful!




Family members and friends LOVE to be helpful after a baby comes, and bringing meals and helping around the house are some of the most valuable ways to support you and your baby as you get to know each other and rest. You and your partner can let other people feed you, so that you can focus on what’s most important.

Having a written meal-tree and phone tree works, but Mealbaby really takes a lot of the work out of setting this up. Mealbaby lets you set up how often you want meals, for how many weeks, and because the invitation is by e-mail, folks you ask can participate or not, without feeling pressured. It also gives you an opportunity to space visitors, so that you can continue having enough time to rest and feel comfortable nursing, or resting, or hanging out skin-to-skin in the first week.

Just as you would for a wedding or baby shower, your friends and family can sign up to bring you and your growing family some of your favorite home-cooked meals. After the baby is born, people who you invite receive an e-mail, letting them know the baby is here! and with a schedule of days to choose from to bring a meal, if they wish to do so. Once a day is chosen, no one else can choose it – so you won’t get 3 meals in one day!

We suggest signing up at least 6 weeks prior to your due date and reminding everyone participating to call in advance before coming over. Enjoy! ~ written by Morgan, BirthWise office manager

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  • Eric
    Posted at 10:52h, 02 July Reply

    Congratulations mom and dad. I’m a mother of 5, hanivg a waterbirth with my last so I have much respect for mothers of large families and especially making the decision to give birth at home its absolutelty AMAZING!! Beautiful picture! Mom looks AMAZING!

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