My journey into midwifery began as a doula and birth assistant, attending my first birth in 2011. I commenced my midwifery education in 2012, and in 2014, I joined the BirthWise practice as a full-time student midwife. In February of 2017, I received my Certified Personal Midwife (CPM) credential and became a Wisconsin Licensed Midwife. Since obtaining my license, I have had the immense privilege of serving as a primary provider at countless births, each one a unique and cherished experience.

I hold certification in aromatherapy for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, and I am delighted to incorporate essential oils into your care. As a mother of four children, each with their unique birth stories, I have experienced a c-section and three VBACs, two of which occurred in my home. I recognize the importance of being informed, empowered, and supported in making choices during this transformative journey.  I am grateful for the opportunity to practice evidence-based care and utilize shared decision-making while providing a safe and respectful environment for all birthing individuals. 



I began my career in birth work in 2013 as a doula, providing vital labor support to families. I quickly developed a profound passion for empowering women as they transition into the role of motherhood. Over an 8-year span, I gained invaluable experience as a doula, assisting numerous women on their unique journeys through labor and birth.

In 2020, I earned my CPM credential and started practicing as a licensed midwife. I am confident that this is the profession I was destined for, and despite its challenges, I couldn’t envision myself in any other career.

 I am also a proud mother to three incredible sons. Embracing motherhood has been a pivotal and life-changing experience for me, and I take immense joy in nurturing and supporting other mothers on their journeys. 

Outside of work, I enjoy spending quality time with my family on hikes, honing my crocheting skills, preserving memories through scrapbooking, delving into midwifery textbooks, and experimenting with new recipes to create delectable meals for my loved ones.

Jill Coulter


For nearly two decades, I’ve been privileged to serve as a licensed midwife in our community, welcoming countless babies into their families’ lives. In 2019, my colleague Sara and I formed a partnership practice, blending our unique personalities and expertise to provide even better care for families.


Today, I bring my vast experience and passion for midwifery, into mostly an administrative role at BirthWise. Although my day-to-day activities have shifted, my mission remains the same: to empower women and families, making their journey into parenthood as enriching and fulfilling as possible. This new role allows me to make an even broader impact, extending my dedication and expertise with BirthWise and the wider community.