After the Babymoon…

After the Babymoon…

Parenting is a joy – and it is also stressful! Like other forms of stress, parenting can challenge your relationship with your partner. As in other areas of parenting, open and caring communication is critical.  Families should spend time discussing each person’s role and how it may change. This discussion is one that needs to continue as roles will shift as the demands of being a parent change.

New parents face many new realities. Many working parents feel a heavy burden of fiscal responsibility and feel that they must now succeed even more financially, spending more time working just at the same time when their partner wants them to spend extra time at home nurturing family needs. A new parent may also feel like he or she is not getting enough attention as focus shifts to the new baby.

Hints for Partners:

  • Schedule time to talk. The time and place of communication about needs and wants is important.
  • Have a regular breakfast or lunch dates with your partner. Take advantage of nap times, or ask a friend or family member to watch baby for a bit. Many people are happy to!
  • If financial security is important to you at this point, share these feelings with your partner.
  • Most first time parents will feel awkward about handling a new baby. Get involved from the beginning and ask questions. Mamas will love you asking questions and showing that you truly want to be involved. Figuring things out together can be really special too!
  • Support your partner in her breastfeeding choices. She will need extra support at the beginning to develop a breastfeeding routine.
  • Tell your partner how amazing she is!! Many new mothers feel unappreciated and hearing from you how much of a great job their doing can really brighten her day. J

Hints for Mothers:

  • Many new mothers feel overwhelmed by the demands placed on them. You are not alone!
  • Communicate your feelings with your partner.
  • Encourage your partner to help with the baby and try not to criticize. There are many ways to parent, as long as it is done with love. Give your partner space to learn and grow.
  • Be sure to tell your partner how much help means to you and how much you love and appreciate parenting together.

~Above all, be gentle and kind with each other. You’re figuring this out! Babies don’t really need space or alone time, but adults and couples do. Do your best to truly listen, and create space for each other.~

AnnMarie RianWanzeck


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