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Dr. Google

Thank you, Jodi the Doula! I couldn’t have put it better myself. The internet has some great information available – but infinitely more amateur and alarmist opinions or facts, presented without evidence, references, or any sort of way to confirm that this website or person is who they say they are. Even if you review the information with skepticism, a little seed of worry often takes root. And, as internet medicine can often come with internet treatments, how can you tell if what they are recommending is safe or effective?

Although most of us are aware of the slippery slope of internet medicine, most of us still feelcompelled to look up our weird sensations and questions… especially in pregnancy. So what are better sites to visit when questions come up?

My best recommendation is to have established websites that you can trust, and utilize search engines for that site only. Go to books! Amie and I have put together a great list of resources for pregnancy, when you just can’t stop from looking. And know: if you are truly concerned, please call your care provider!

~AnnMarie RianWanzeck

(We have not yet made an anti-list, but keep your eyes open!)

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  • Robert
    Posted at 23:55h, 23 December Reply

    Some of the reviews were coaipminlng this was a big add for DoTerra Essential Oils.Well, if you do any research you’ll find the two top producers of quality oils are DoTerra and Young Living.I happen to belong to the Young Living crowd.Even still I found this book very helpful.Yes, the author does recommend DT oil blends, because *that’s what she knows*. If anything, find out the ingredients in those blends and make your own!She gave a lot of good tips on using oils throughout pregnancy, labor, and newborn stages.Even though she mentions DoTerra frequently I didn’t find it off putting, or under pressure to buy DoTerra just gave me more ideas on how to deal with this pregnancy.

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